Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Dinosaur – Ballandean

It’s always difficult when a ‘big thing’ isn’t actually that big for what it’s representing. I’m no expert on dinosaurs or triceratops but I’m pretty sure, ‘Frutisforus’ (as he is lovingly named) falls on the small side. Still Ballandean seems quite proud of their ‘big’ attraction and who am I to take away such town pride, by denouncing his Big Thing title. A quick Google brings up some trivia…

Originally made as a float for the 1998 Apple & Grape Festival when the local shopkeeper’s daughter was a queen entrant. After the festival the community put it by the roadside in front of the Ballandean railway station to stop passing traffic in a bid to sell fruit as a fundraiser for the local football club. It soon became a major attraction - Source

Size: 2.1m x 6.7m 
Year: 1998 
Address: New England Highway outside the Ballandean Railway Station (Can’t miss him as you travel through the small town of Ballandean, QLD) 
Photo Taken: 2013 

Size ** 
Accessibility ** 
Aesthetics * 
Unusual Location****
9/25 stars

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