Hello I'm Fee and I have a fondness for tacky Big Things! 

I live on the beautiful Sunny Coast in QLD so that's why this blog is Queensland heavy. I hope Big Things of Oz is place for all of us Big Things enthusiasts to join together and bond over our slightly odd/somewhat disturbing hobby! 

If you have taken a Photo of an Australian Big Thing yourself, join the fun over on our facebook page and send me a message (or direct share) so we can get the Big Things Pool Massive!


How to Navigate the Site
To Search for Big Things you can click the states in the top Menu to get to the write ups or there's a search bar at the very very bottom (although somewhat unreliable!)

My Philosophy - the more info the better!
When tackling the next Big Thing, a good address is paramount and some helpful information doesn’t go astray so that’s what I'm all about! I’ve also tried to include the Big Things in some sort of order, based on their location. As for their sizes, unfortunately there is no official size list, just a lot of guesstimations plus random internet figures.

Talking of internet searches, I happen to have a bad case of ‘must photograph everything listed on the internet as a Big Thing’ but often find myself standing out in front and questioning its merits. I’m brutally honest but always tongue in cheek, so please don’t take this site too seriously! It's also important to give a shout-out to those websites that have helped me so far, document my Big Things...

1) Wikipedia 
3) POID  
7) Squidoo 
8) Biglap  
9) Gdaypubs 

(Thanks guys!) 

The Future
So what’s next? I’d like to cross off the rest of my QLD bucket list and then the rest of Australia and then the World, I hear America’s got some fine (big!) nuggets! Mega props also go out to my delightful boyfriend Ben, who puts up with my road trip planning, complete with my (sneaky!) Big Things stop-bys :P

Fee xoxox
You can find more of me, over on my regular blog burntfeather

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