Under each Big Thing is a potential score out of 25 stars. I’ve yet to give out a perfect score but would love to one day! If you want to understand my complex scoring system, below is the method to my madness! 

 1) SIZE (not ratio based)
1-2 metres *
3-4 metres **
5-6 Metres ***
7-14 Metres ****
15+ metres *****  

2) ACCESSIBILITY (touch/ /pose with/ go inside)

3) AESTHETICS (perfectly realistic/perfectly stylized/perfectly tacky)  

4) UNUSUAL (wouldn’t expect it to be a Big Thing/ not overtly commercial)  

5) LOCATION (nice background for a nice photo)

So the scores are purely subjective, it just so happens I’m biased towards tacky-ness and not to fond of sports and I've definitely got a grudge against those bulls. Not real bulls just those commercial/dime-a-dozen/no-larger-than-life-sized “big things” bulls, you know what I'm on about!

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