Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Apple – Thulimbah (Stanthorpe)

Okay normally I have a dislike for so called big apples. Take the Acacia Ridge Apple or the Spreyton Apple but Thulimbah kills it! Not only is Thulimbah’s Apple big, it’s also realistically well made. The Big Apple sits on a pole outside a shed/café called Vincenzo’s but don’t be suckered in like I was and grab a meal there. Not only did my not-so-cheap pizza take forever to come out, it was burnt when it arrived and I could only eat half of it (despite it being small and my hunger being huge). They also managed to create an extremely average milkshake - still that was 2013 maybe they have stepped up their game since ?!?

Further Big Apple Facts
The original Big Apple, a Granny Smith, lived at the petrol station at Applethorpe from 1978, crafted by local artisan Johnny Ross. It went into temporary retirement in 2003 when the Applethorpe site was redeveloped. After a brief facelift, the re-grafted apple emerged as a Royal Gala apple slightly north of town at Thulimbah. Its new home is Vincenzo’s at the Big Apple - Source

Size: 4m 
Year: 1978 
Address: New England hwy, Thulimbah, QLD outside Vincenzo Café. 
Photo Taken: 2013 

Size ** 
Aesthetics ***** 
Unusual * 
12/25 stars

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