Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Pyramid – Ballandean

This was a surprise find as you can’t actually see the pyramid from the hwy. If you’re stopping for a pic of Fruitisforus make sure you don’t forget to head down the back street and grab a pic of this pyramid. Unlike most Big Things, this pyramid is on private property though considerately positioned for tourist’s to grab a photo of (just don’t lean up against the electric fence!). It cost Stuart Moreland $100,000 and took took eight months to build (by Ken Stubberfield) using granite rocks on Stuart’s property. Ingenious! 

Size: 17.5m
Address: Jacobson Road, Ballandean, QLD. The first left across the train tracks (after the Fruitisforus) and then the first right will get you onto Jacobson’s road. Jacobson road runs parallel to the train tracks and if you travel 500 metres or so you won’t miss it!
Photo Taken: 2013

Size *****
Aesthetics ***
Unusual **
13/25 stars

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