Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big T-Rex – Coolum

UPDATE: MARCH 3rd 2015, Jeff has been burnt due to faulty electronics (This article below is a good read, Palmer is one mighty funny fellow!)

Clive Palmer, mining magnate (worth a net worth of 8 billion) recently acquired the golf course/resort at Coolum and aptly re-named it ‘Palmer Coolum Resort’ :) His new venture for the resort is adding 165 animatronic dinosaurs with Jeff the T-rex being the first. Jeff is impressive but with Dinosaurs being a grey area in regards to considering them 'Big Things' I'm left wondering if he deserves to be added to the list! I think all you need to know is Jeff is rad and well worth the visit. Unfortunately though I didn’t see him move (animatronics to come??) but I did spy one other dinosaur “bones” which as you may of guessed is a skeleton of an Omeisaurus (brontosaurus looking thing) - seen below!

 I’ll try and add more dino pictures as the park continues to grow! 

Size: 15m in length, 6m in height 
Year: 2013 
Address: ‘Palmer Coolum Resort’ 1 Warran Rd, Coolum Beach QLD 4573
Drive in the front gate of the resort and follow the signs to the visitors carpark, as you’re driving in you’ll cross a pond and if you look closely you’ll see Jeff standing tall! (1 minute drive to the carpark and a five minute walk to jeff) 

Photo Taken: 2013 

Size ****
Aesthetics ****
Unusual *
Location ****
13/25 stars

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