Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Cow –Yandina

I remember coming to the Big Cow back when I was youngster, when you could (if memory serves me correctly) actually go inside. Not sure if the new owners are the fun police or if health & safety laws got a whole lot stricter 20 years down the track, either way it’s a shame. The cow on the other hand is, amazingly rad, even with her chipped paint job. She’s also five times the size of a normal cow, definitely deserving of a Big Things title unlike *cough* Rockhampton *cough* Underwood *cough* Mareeba, that’s right, I’m looking at you and your life-sized bulls! 

Size:8m x 10m 
Year: 1976 
Address: Nambour-Yandina Conection Road 
Photo Taken: 2010 

Size **** 
Accessibility ** 
Aesthetics ***** 
Unusual *
11/25 stars

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