Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Shark – Scarborough

Heading home from a family outing to Scarborough, I caught a glimpse of something big from the corner of my eye. I think I managed to splutter out the words, “large fish” before convincing the family to turn back for me. On closer inspection, the topiary was more shark than fish, which in my humble opinion actually made him even cooler. Not sure about his size, the front part of the topiary is awesome but the back being slightly hidden hasn’t received as much manicured love, still it brings him up to around a guesstimated 5 meters.

Address: ‘Oyster Point Café’ 13 Thurecht Parade, Scarborough, QLD. 
Size: 5m 
Photo Taken: 2013 

Size *** 
Accessibility * 
Aesthetics *** 
Unusual *** 
10/25 stars

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