Friday, December 18, 2015

Big Croc Head – Daintree River

Before the barge you’ll find a set of stalls promoting commercial activities for the area, this is also where you’ll find the Croc Head. I went up to the guy manning the Croc Head display and asked if it would be okay to take a picture he said sure but then suggested there was something close by, I’d probably be more interested in, pointing to a cute baby bird. I don’t think the guy quite understood why on Earth I wanted to take a picture of a fake Croc Head, especially in an area chock full of beautiful wildlife but I ended up taking a photo of both and being quite content with the World.

Size: 2m x 4m
Year: 2001
Address: Daintree Rd, Mossman . Just before the Cape Tribulation Ferry Crossing (across the Daintree River)
Photo Taken: 2012 

Size **
Aesthetics *
Unusual *
9/25 stars

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