Friday, December 18, 2015

Big Captain Cook – Cairns

I love this guy, he’s big and well-made but doesn’t really seem to fit his surroundings. I’m sure there is a good story to how he came to be, where he is, but unfortunately I don’t know it. 

UPDATE: A reader, Dan has let us know more of Captain Cook's backstory “Big Jimmy was built as a drawcard to the captain Cook motel which has since been demolished. So now he is just standing there pointing out to a random direction for no apparent reason” Thanks Dan! 

Size:7m (14m x 2m) 
Year: 1972 
Address: 204-212 Sheridan Street, Cairns, QLD (main road exiting North of Cairns) 
Photo Taken: 2012 

Size **** 
Accessibility * 
Aesthetics *** 
Unusual **** 
12/25 stars

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