Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Bowls Ball – Lake Cathie

I had super low expectations about this one, maybe my lack of knowledge about the sport of bowls + a fear of encountering just a painted sphere but I was put in my place and high-kick to the head with the amount of detail this guy had. It was also my first Big Thing I’ve encountered with a plaque at the bottom with all it’s facts! Why don’t all Big Things have this!! Let’s admit it’s still on the small side in terms of Big Things and essentially still a sphere but hey props to the all the little bonuses! 

DETAILS (thanks plaque!)
Year: Sunday 16th November 1975 – Manufactured by Stan Kanaar – Unveiled by Reg Ellery
Size: Diameter 1.907m / Circumference 5.983m /
Weight: 2 tonnes
Address: Lake Cathie Bowling and Recreation Club 45 Evans Street Lake Cathie NSW 2445 (easy to spot as you’re driving through Lake Cathie which I found out was pronounced “cat-eye” who would of thought it!)
Photo Taken: Jan 2014

Size *
Aesthetics **
Unusual *
8/25 stars

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