Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Axe – Kew

According to wiki, the axe was replaced in 2002 due to ant damage, yet when I visited in 2014 it looked like another up keep was in order - eep!

It was hard to find the whereabouts of the axe, the address I had was of the pacific hwy, but you definitely need to exit off into the township of Kew where you'll find two intersecting main streets (with a pub and servo on either corner), you want to go down the street that runs parallel to the pacific hwy, it’s pretty easy and less then a minute drive until you'll spot the axe outside the visitor’s centre 

Year: 1979 Size: 8m 

Address: Kew Information Centre 133 Nancy Bird Walton Drive, Kew, NSW
Photo Taken: Jan 2014 

Size **** 
Aesthetics ** 
Unusual ** 
10/25 stars

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