Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big Tennis Racquet - Milton

This Tennis Racquet was found via a tip off from Debbie (an awesome Big Things enthusiast!) thanks Debbie!  You can find this Big Tennis Racquet yourself sitting (not so subtly) in front of Frew Park, in Milton.  It has a fun backstory, which you can read here but in quick summary, Stefan (Brisbane business guru) was a sponsor of the Queensland Open which lead to him buying the tennis racquet as a tourist attraction for the now demolished Milton Tennis Centre, on Frew Park's grounds.  Stefan had taken a visit to New York and seen various Big Things but no tennis racquet and thus the idea was born.  The tennis racquet, completely made of steel, was built by Patrick Gay Constructions and is quoted in the article at being 10metres in size but I I believe more on the 7metres long, 2.25 high spectrum :P.  Another article here, quotes it at 8 metres - so it seems there are quite a few people like myself who just make up figures :P

In other interesting news (to me anyway) a quick google showed how the racquet looked previously where you can see wire strings as part of the original design.  The racket had since undertaken a $13,000 face lift to ensure it was safe for it's new unveiling alongside the parks refurbishment in 2014.  It seems the strings were deemed unsafe (a crying shame!) but then it was also kind of fun to sit in the middle of it for the photo, kindly taken by my friend Emaya - thanks Emaya :)

Size: 7m x 2.25m (or perhaps 8 or 10m!)
Year: Before 2000 (vague I know!) at the now demolished Milton Tennis Centre (for the Queensland Open) and then relocated to the front of the park in 2014.
Address: Frew Park, 315 Milton Road, Milton, Qld.  I ended up parking in a nearby side street (Eagle tce) and then having my photo taken from across the super busy Milton Road, although there seemed to be access via the back of the park using Frew Road and also an awesome looking playground if you have kids, or if you just really into playgrounds :)  

Photo Taken: 2015

Size ****
Accessibility *** 
Aesthetics **
Unusual *
Location * 
11/25 stars

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