Friday, December 18, 2015

Big Watermelon – Gumlu

The only research I found on this Watermelon was that it was in Townsville. After already asking many locals about the Brolga and feeling rather Big Things defeated I gave up on the idea of ever finding a Big Watermelon.  Obviously this story has a happy ending and as luck would have it, seemingly out of nowhere, I spied a watermelon sitting in what I can only assume was someone’s property. A quick car pull-over and some (very!) happy snaps later, I was big things feated! I tried to work out where exactly we were, my scribbled notes on the day recorded Gumlu and my car’s odo metre told us we were 65kms north of Bowen, I hope that info can helps other Melon hunters! 

Size: 4m x 2m
Address: Bruce Hwy. Gumlu, QLD (closest town) 65kms to Bowen.  Spotted heading south of Townsville.
Photo Taken: 2012 

Size **
Accessibility *****
Aesthetics ***
Unusual *
Location ***
14/25 stars

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