Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Spud – Sassafras

If you travel 10kms outside of Latrobe you notice this lonely service station aptly named ‘The Big Spud’ where a Big Spud (known by locals as Kenny Kennebec) has been around for over 30 years!

Built by local farmer, councillor and spud sculptor, Rick Rockcliff. Rick tells a story of entreprenurial beginnings; how Kenny was created to draw attention to his roadside potato stall. "Originally we built an old wild west caravan, loaded it up with spuds, and put it there", Mr Rockcliff says, pointing to a spot not far from Kenny.  "We had a little business on the side of the road selling freshly dug potatoes, and the idea developed out of that. I built it on an exact model of a kennebec potato: I got an average sort of kennebec, cut it into cross sections, and expanded those out on a drawing board." - source

Size: 1m Address: ‘The Big Spud’ Petrol Shack, Bass hwy, Sassafras, Tasmania (10kms outside of Latrobe).
Photo Taken: 2012 

Size * 

Aesthetics * 
Unusual ** 
4/25 stars

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