Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Redback – Eight Miles Plains

UPDATE (2017): Reader Jeung has let us know that he is unfortunately no longer there, she also inquired at the new supplies yard and they weren't able to give her any information.

UPDATE (2015): Driving past I have a feeling he is no longer there, I could be wrong but just a head up!

Located in the Redback Landscape Supplies yard, next to their car park. To get to the car park you’ll need to enter the yard via Millers street off Logan Road. The best picture is definitely had from inside the business, so make sure you visit during business hours! 

Size:5m x 3m 
Year: 1996 
Address: ‘Redback Landscape Supplies Yard’ 2680Logan Road, Eight Miles Plains, QLD. Car park entrance off side street (Millers Road) 
Photo Taken: 2012 

Size ** 
Aesthetics **** 
Unusual **** 
Location * 
14/25 stars

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