Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Pineapple – Ballina

So I knew there used to be a second Big Pineapple at Gympie (no longer there unfortunately) but I had no idea there was a mini Big Pineapple at Ballina – woohoo. I will warn you it's kind of odd and creepy (perhaps the best kind) and it's located in a garden bed at a BP (less than half a km away from the Big Prawn). The best bit though, is you can go inside it!! 

Size: 4m Address: BP 484-484 River Street West Ballina, NSW (if you’re heading south, you’ll need to exit the pacific hwy to head into Ballina, from there it’s a few kilometres onto river rd – the BP is hard to miss!) 
Photo Taken: Jan 2014 

Size ** 
Accessibility ***** 
Aesthetics ** 
Unusual * 
11/25 stars

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