Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Pie – Yatala

The overgrowth of vegetation near the pie means you can’t see it from the Hwy but if you take the north Yatala exit 38 or just follow the brown tourist signs to Yatala Pies, you’ll find yourself there in no trouble. The pie is on a pole, located in the car park. On a side note, Yatala Pies seem to have lost their magic and no longer serve, in my opinion, the best pies around. Make sure you’re not driving out of your way just for a pie and since this big thing only received 7/25 stars I can’t even recommend the fake one.

Size: 4.5metres wide, on a 10m pole 
Year: Late 70s 
Address: ‘Yatala Pies’ 48 Old Pacific Highway, Yatala, QLD (Take exit 38 off the M1 (Pacific Hwy) Photo Taken: 2012 

Size ** 
Aesthetics *** 
Unusual **
7/25 stars

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