Friday, December 18, 2015

Big Orange – Gayndah

You’ll spot this guy as you drive into Gayndah: the self-proclaimed orange capital of Queensland. The Big Orange overlooks a citrus farm and has an adjacent building where you can grab a bite to eat. I was hell bent on getting an orange juice from the Big Orange but was devastatingly told they were too busy to make any that day. So be warned if you find yourself there on a Saturday they may be too busy for OJ making but not too busy to make a milkshake and burger, both of which I rated a pleasant 6.5/10 

Size: 4m x 4m 
Year: 1977 
Address: As you enter Gayndah via the Burnett Highway, QLD. (impossible to miss!)
Photo Taken: 2012

Size ** 
Accessibility ***** 
Aesthetics ** 
Unusual * 
Location ***** 
13/25 stars

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