Friday, December 18, 2015

Big Kinka Whale – Kinka Beach

You need to take an hour detour from the Bruce Hwy to see this beast but I think he’s definitely worth it. Well, worth it to me, as the Kinka Whale is a rather rare Big Thing which sits outside the now abandoned Marineland (I also have a soft spot for abandoned places) Unfortunately someone had spray painted a penis just below the poor whale’s eye, really, people, respect the Big Things! We peered inside the whale’s mouth, aka a clever use of windows/ doors and saw lots of jars of specimens; it was all rather odd and cool and made me fall in love with the Kinka even more! 

Size: 6m x 12m 
Address: ‘Coral life Marineland’ (now abandoned) 1059 Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach, QLD. South from Kinka Beach, before Emu Park. 
Photo Taken: 2012 
Built By:Kevin Logan

Size **** 
Accessibility *** 
Aesthetics **** 
Unusual ***** 
Location *** 
17/25 stars

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