Friday, December 18, 2015

Big Dugong – Rockhampton

This guy had me perplexed for ages, is he at the University? Is he at the Dreamtime Centre? Is he somewhere else? Once I had him narrowed down to the Dreamtime Centre, thanks guy on Flickr! I soon realized you had to pay entry to go and see him. I can’t tell you, whether or not he is worth the admission fee, though he is all sorts of coolness. One of the reasons the Big Things hunt is so fun is because the Big Things are free and accessible and this guy unfortunately isn’t. If you do decide to see him make sure you plan your trip to arrive in Rockhampton during the Centre’s opening hours, from memory they are rather random. 

Size: 22m x 12m 
Year: 1992 
Address: ‘Dreamtime Cultural Centre’, Bruce Hwy, opp. Yeepoon Exit, Rockhampton, QLD.
Photo Taken: 2012 

Size ***** 
Accessibility (no stars due to admission fee) 
Aesthetics **** 
Unusual ***** 
Location ** 
20/25 stars

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