Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Blue Boot – Mt Tarampa

The Big Blue boot can be found out in the middle of whoop whoop or at least in Mt Tarampa, you’ll need to travel past farms to get there. I recommend you tackle it on a West Inland trip (couple hours from Brisbane) so you can knock off the Big Bundy Bottle, Big Orange and the Big Elephant at the same time! 

Now there’s a Courier Mail article explaining about the history of the Blue Boot and claiming it’s not the pair to the Brown Boot in Chermside. Dave Allen (Boys Brigade State President) comment that their boot is “not visually the same as the Chermside one”. I’m going to call lies! The only difference I can see is the blue boot is blue (though originally brown when first used by Alan Sherlock when running for the seat of Ashgrove in 1989). The Chermside boot does have longer laces but visually it’s the same and I have the authority to say that because I have a degree in Creative Industries :P All jokes aside I really do think these boots were made by the same artist/designer and it’s awesome to know the shoes are now a pair! What do you think?

Size: 6m in length, 2m in height 
Year: 1989? 
Address: ‘Glengarry Education Centre’ 370 Watson Rd, Mt Tarampa QLD 
Photo Taken: 2013 

Size ** 
Accessibility *** 
Aesthetics *** 
Unusual *** 
Location ** 
13/25 stars

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